High speed, high capacity automatic skewer machine for food factories aiming to maximize production capacity. Kyoei’s automatic skewer machine can achieve a highest level of capacity or processing speed in the industry. Perfect machine for skewer insertion automation for greater productivity while contributing to the reduction of labor cost. Standard KKS-850 can process 6,000 skewers per hour, however, depending on customer specificaitons, the processing capacity ranges between 1,200 to 17,000 skewers.

Automatic Skewer machine KKS-850
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HIGH SPEED, HIGH CAPACITY: capable of skewering 6,000 to 17,000 skewers per hour. Length of conveyor can be customized for different number of workers.
high capacity skewer machine for food factories

VERSATILITY: capable of handling various types of skewers, such as round skewers, flat skewers, and paddle/rifle skewers.
special hoppers for round, flat, and paddle/rifle skewers

DETACHABLE TRAYS: with interchangeable molded food trays, KKS-850 can process food products with various shapes. Since Kyoei’s skewer machine doesn’t use a magnet to hold trays onto a conveyor, it doesn’t release magnet powder, making it a perfect automatic skewer machine that can be authorized with any food safety standards in any countries.
detachable custom food trays for automated skewer machine

CUSTOM TRAYS: made-to-order molded food trays can be customized to suit various products, including: diced meat, such as Yakitori or Satay; meat balls and fish balls; loafed meat; frankfurter; Vienna or Wiener sausage; shrimp or prawn; and vegetable, etc.
food trays for Yakitori, Satay, meat or fish balls, shrimp, etc.

CONVENIENT OPERATION: Automatic skwer machine KKS-850 comes with a touch panel by default. With an easy touch panel operation, you can modify speed, timing, and various other parameters. Memory function allows you to change between preset parameters for processing multiple foods.
touch panel for automatic skewer machine

NO ASSISTANT WORKER NEEDED: finished products are automatically detached from the food trays thanks to the food removal plate comes default with the machine. So, by placing a container next to the machine, no one has to pick the finished products out of trays.

BLANK-SHOT PREVENTION: blank-shot prevention device to prevent skewers from being shot into the molds with no food on them, which means you don’t have to pick up skewers without food from the container of finished products.

PNEUMATIC OPERATION: aside from a motor used to drive the conveyor, skewer insertion system is configured with pneumatic power so the machine is relatively strong against any trouble from water or humidity, and, also, less replacement of expendable parts is needed. Overall, Kyoei’s automatic skewer machine KKS-850 is durable and relatively-easily recovered from a trouble.

Dimensions: varies depending on conveyor length, or how many workers would work on the machine
Capacity : from 6,000 pcs/h to 17,000 pcs/h
Power source : AC200V/AC100V, 50/60Hz
Pressure : 0.5 MPa
Dimensions : width 2,000 mm × depth 900 mm × height 1,550 mm
(length of the conveyor can be customized for larger or smaller number of workers)
Skewers: round and flat skewers up to 200 mm. For paddle/rifle skewers, consult with us.
Food products: diced meat or block meat, such chicken, pork, or beef for Yakitori or Satay; meat balls and fish balls; meat loaf; frankfurter; Vienna or Wiener sausage; shrimp or prawn; and vegetables, etc.
Machine is not designed for skewering frozen or some other hard foods.
Some products with greatly-varying shapes may not be processed.
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