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Kyoei group is established in Tokyo in 1972 as a manufacturing engineering company that is specialized in design and development of industrial machines, chemical plant equipment, and other factory machines and equipment.

In 1982, we started designing food processing machines alongside the existing manufacturing engineering services, and developed our own processing machines making full use of our experience in the field of designing. Due to their distinctive features, our machines have soon gained the presence in the sophisticated market in Japan. Today, most sausage and ham manufacturers in Japan, including four major ham manufacturers, use our machines.

In order to concentrate on the development and to further respond to quickly increasing demands from overseas, Kyoei Engineering was established as an independent manufacturer of food machines and equipment.

Since then, Kyoei Engineering has been ardently listening to the needs of customers and developed machines with unique functions to suit their demands. Our best-selling, sausage double cutting machine is one of such achievements, which majority of sausage manufacturers in Japan now utilizes as one of their indispensable tools to differentiate their products with others.

We are also willing to fit our machines to various foods in many different countries.

Mikio Murata
President, Kyoei Engineering

Company name Kyoei Engineering Co., Ltd.
Location Showa Bldg. 2F, 1-21-12 Minami-kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 144-0035 Japan
TEL +81-3−3739−3332
FAX +81-3−6424−4334
About 3 minute walk from Keikyu line, Kamata station.
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President Mikio Murata
Year of the founding July 2012 (Kyoei became independent from Kyoei Kosetsu an engineering design company founded in 1972)
capital 24,000,000 JPY
employee number 6
one’s bank KIRABOSHI BANK, LTD. Kamata Branch


Name of company Metatek Co., Ltd.
CEO Ken Pock
TEL +82-31-695-7911

Russia CIS

Name of company MIROZDANIE ALC.
General Sales Manager Andrei Halavach
Address 220036, Karl Liebknecht street 66-116, Minsk, the Republic of Belarus
TEL +375-17-300-00-81
FAX +375-17-300-00-82


Name of company Kilse, S.L.
CEO Javier Fernandez
Address Poligono Santelices Parc B3 48550-Muskiz Bizkaia Spain
TEL +34 946 709 812


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