Dice Cutter KKS-760 is a handy machine to prepare diced meat typically for skewered products, such as Yakitori, Kebab, etc. Without having to have skilled labor, you can get evenly cut your preferred meat, such as chicken, pork, and beef.

Dice Cutter KKS-760
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USAGE: Dice Cutter cuts a block of meat, such as chicken breast or thigh, pork, and beef, into dice. It can also be used for other food materials.
machine cuts food products into dice before they get skewered

CUSTOM DESIGN: Each machine is custom-built for exact needs for customers. Please tell us your preferred size of cutting, number of workers, and factory layout, etc.

EASY OPERATION: Without having to have skilled labor, dice cutting is easily done.

MAINTENABILITY: You can easily disassemble conveyors, rotational blades, etc., for easier maintenance and cleaning.
Dice Cutter can be easily maintained and cleaned

Power source : AC100V/AC200V, 50/60Hz
(power source specifications can be modified to suit various countries)
Dimensions : width 1,000 mm × depth 700 mm × height 300 mm
(differs depending on customer specs.)
Weight: 50 kg approx.
Body casing: SUS304
Resin parts: polyacetal
Fully-frozen products cannot be processed.
There may be a certain limitation of the size of meat.
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