Mini Automatic Skewer Machine KKS-870 is a very-easy-to-operate machine for a small workforce. If you want to skewer your products with a minimum workfoce, this is the best skewer machine for you. With KKS-870, you are free from manual skewer insertion work. Machine is suitable for butcher shops, family business, and restaurants. Mini automatic skewer machine has a unique hopper that can handle round skewers, flat skewers, and paddle skewers.

Mini Automatic Skewer machine KKS-870
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HIGHLY EFFICIENT: if you have only one worker, having no assistant worker, this is the best automatic skewer machine for you.

VERSATILITY: capable of handling various skewers, such as round skewers, flat skewers, and paddle/rifle skewers.
paddle skewers in the hopper of mini automatic skewer machine

DETACHABLE TRAYS: with interchangeable molded trays, KKS-870 can process food products with various shapes, including diced meat, meat balls, loafed meat, frankfurter, etc. Since Kyoei’s skewer machine doesn’t use a magnet to hold trays, it doesn’t release magnet powder, making it a perfectly-safe automatic skewer machine to be authorized with any food safety standards in any country.
detachable or interchangeable food trays/molded food trays of compact skewer machine

CUSTOM TRAYS: made-to-order molded food trays ensure stable production. Food trays can be designed to suit: diced meat, such as chicken Yakitori or Satay, or any beef or pork blocks; meat balls and fish balls; loafed meat; and sausage, etc.
custom food trays used for mini automatic skewer machines

WASHABLE: because the machine is pneumatically operated having no electricity and motor, the machine is fully-washable to keep it hygiene. No parts on this automatic skewer machine would be broken with water.

NO ASSISTANT WORKER NEEDED: finished products are automatically detached from the food trays thanks to the food removal plate comes default with the machine. So, by placing a container next to the machine, no one has to pick the finished products out of trays.

BLANK-SHOT PREVENTION: blank-shot prevention device to prevent skewers from being shot into the molds with no food on them.

Capacity : approximately 1,200 pcs/h
Power source : AC200V/AC100V, 50/60Hz
Compressed air : 0.5 MPa
Dimensions : width 1400 mm × depth 700 mm × height 1200 mm
(length of the conveyor can be customized for larger number of workers)
Skewers: round skewers and flat skewers up to 200 mm, and paddle skewers up to 180 mm
(capable of handling bamboo or wooden skewers. Metal skewers can’t be processed)
Food: diced meat, such as Yakitori or Satay, meat or fish balls, meat loaf, sausage, vegetables, etc.
Machine is not designed for skewering frozen or some other hard foods.
Vegetables with greatly-varying shapes may not be processed.
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