High-speed, precision cutter designed to delink twists (links/ties) of sausages. This sausage twist/link/ties cutting machine has over 90% of share in Japan. All four major ham and sausage manufacturers in Japan use our machines, and some of them actually use our machine for well-over 10 years or more. The sensor of this machine detects twists/link/ties of sausage accurately. So, for example, if even if pieces of linked sausages are five centimeters, seven centimeters, and then six centimeters, so on, Kyoei’s sausage cutter detects the twists between sausage and cut them with a high precision.
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Sausage cutting machine (KKS-605T)
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SPACE SAVING: for a sausage link cutting machine, KKS-605T is so small that it can be easily and flexibly installed in any of your existing or new production line. You can also transport the machine with your ordinary family car.

HYGIENIC: parts that are in direct contact with sausage can be disassembled without using any tool.
Washable parts on the sausage link cutter

VERSATILE: width and height of conveyors can be adjusted to suit various sausages from vienna sausage to frankfurter.
Adjustable conveyor of the sausage twist cutter

USER-FRIENDLY: easy touch panel operation.
touch panel of the sausage link cutting machine

SAFE: when casing is open, no power is supplied to ensure workers’ safety.
safety mechanism of the sausage twist cutting machine

SLITTER: optional slitter allows you to cut slits on the surface of your sausage to make it look nice and tasty.

MAINTAINABILITY: Our sausage twist cutter uses a motor only to drive conveyor belts. Cutting mechanism is pneumatically operated. So expendable parts are fewer, and relatively less expensive.

SKIP FUNCTION: For those of you who want to pack a couple of linked sausage pieces together in one plastic tray, our sausage twist cutter has skip function that cuts once in a predetermined number of twists.

Capacity : 60m / min
Power source : AC100V, 120W, 50/60Hz
Compressed air : 0.5 MPa (0.4KW Compressor)
Size : width 410 mm × depth 423 mm × height 482 mm
Capable of cutting sausages with 16 to 32 mm diameter, but custom design is possible. Please consult with us for your special needs.
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