Highly space-saving, compact skewer machine perfect for a small shop, family business, or restaurants. If you want to achieve maximum production with a minimal space, then this is the best skewer machine for you. The machine inserts five skewers at a time with a push of button. Although the machine can be operated by only one worker, if you have multiple workers to prepare your food products onto multiple trays so that the operator can concentrate on the machine operation, the productivity would be very high. Suppose you can skewer 5 skewers in 5 seconds, you can process up to 3,600 skewer per hour, which is unbelievably high for this size of mahcine. NOTE: to achieve non-stop operation, you will need to have additional workers and additional food trays. Fewer number of workers and fewer trays will result in significantly smaller productivity.

Skewer machine with tray (KKS-860)
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One of the best compact skewer machine in the world.

SPACE-SAVING: the skewerer can fit into any space.

EASY OPERATION: without any skilled labor, it inserts 5 skewers at a time.

FULLY-WASHABLE: parts are easily disassembled and fully washable.

DURABLE: Because this compact skewer machine is pneumatically operated and uses no electricity, it tends to have less mechanical breakdown even if you pour water on it. Also, since it is not a motor-driven machine, there are almost no expendable parts to be replaced.

CUSTOM TRAYS: made-to-order molded food trays can be customized to suit various products, including: diced meat, such as Yakitori or Satay; meat balls and fish balls; loafed meat; frankfurter; Vienna or Wiener sausage; shrimp or prawn; and vegetable, etc.

power : no electricity needed.
Compressed air : 0.5 MPa
Size : width 330 mm × depth 650 mm × height 370 mm
Capacity: 5 skewers at a time.
You can process five skewers in three seconds. Please be noted that this includes skewering process only, and doesn’ t calculate time required to put products onto molds. Actual processing time vary depending on various factors. We also have a machine  with much higher production capacity for factories with higher demands.
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