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Dice Cutter KKS-760 is a handy machine to prepare diced meat typically for skewered products, such as Yakitori …

Single Sausage Cutter KKS-605T

High-speed, precision cutter designed to delink twists (links/ties) of sausages. This sausage twist/link/ties …

Double Sausage Cutter KKS-620WT

Double Sausage Cutter KKS-621WT is world’s first and only sausage links/twists/ties cutting machine that …

Automatic Skewer Machine KKS-850

High speed, high capacity automatic skewer machine for food factories aiming to maximize production capacity. …

Compact Skewerer KKS-860

Highly space-saving, compact skewer machine perfect for a small shop, family business, or restaurants. If you …


Mini Automatic Skewer Machine KKS-870 is a very-easy-to-operate machine for a small workforce. If you want to …

KKS-801 Rotary Skewer Machine

Best application of this machine is to skewer 5 mm skewers into frankfurters. Skewered frankfurters you find i …

High speed automatic skewering machine (KKS-811)

High-speed skewer designed for mass production. Best application of this machine is to skewer 5 mm skewers int …


Snack Stick Cutter KKS-520 is suitable for cutting long, bar-shaped products, such as snack sticks, into prede …

Giblet Cutter KKS-750

Giblet cutter is designed to cut a piece of giblet into four pieces.

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