Slitter KKS-702


This machine is used to make slits in sausage, frank sausage, etc.

Features & Specifications

Item Features & Specification
Product Name /Model No. Slitter KKS-702
Features ■ Its compact design is thoroughly focused on space-saving. It can be installed anywhere & doesn`t threaten the operation space.
■(Wiener to Frank sausage), It is possible to accommodate products of various sizes with simple adjustments.
■The parts that the product touches are designed to be easily detachable, so anyone can easily disassemble, clean, sterilize, & reassemble the product, making it very hygienic.
■Slits (cuts) of (/////) or (XXXX) can be made on either one or both sides of the product.
■We also have a sausage cutter (KKS-606, KKS-623W) that can cut the twisted part at the same time as making the slit.
Price Please contact us
Productivity 60m/min (Up to1,000 pcs/min~ product length of 6cm)
Power Supply AC100V,60W
Dimension W*400xH*280xD*370mm
Other Product length :40mm~
Product Dia.: (φ12mm~φ35mm)
■The above dimensions are for used only references. For other products sizes & dimensions, Please inquiry us.

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