Double Sausage Link Cutter KKS-623W

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Double Sausage Link cutter KKS-623W separates any sausages with high reliability and productivity. It uses servo technology and laser measurement. We may separate any type of sausage and perform a double function of cutting and separating because of the realization of unique cutting and separating double sides of sausage links in the world. The length of the sausages is selectable and adjusted.
Item Details "Features and specifications"
Name・Model  Double Sausage Link Cutter *KKS-623W*
Target Ingredients Mini sausages, Frank Sausages, American docks, Frankfurts
Main Features

■Intuitive touch panel operation
■Technical help full service and support
■Focus on a cost-efficient & reliable system
■It adapts to any work area & transports anywhere
■High productivity speed of up to 1,300 pcs/per hour
■Programmable speed change & easy maintenance
■Extremely hygienic, ergonomic design & manufacturing
■High-precision & economical portion-cutting technology
■Compact machine for small & commercial manufacturers
■We also offer KKS-811 which is used for large-capacity production
■It`s high-performance twist removal with double-knife technology

Country of Origin Japan
Price Please contact us for details.
Capacity・productivity  80m/min (Approx. 1,300 pieces/per hour with a product length of 6 cm) * Variable series
Slot size 4cm
Power AC100V,120W,50/60Hz
Power・ Air Pressure 0.5MPa
Dimension W*593xD*423xH*482mm
Weight Please contact us for details.

※Product length: 40mm~
※Product diameter: φ12~φ32mm
■Please note that the figures in this table are subject to change due to research improvement.
■We make products according to the wishes of our clients. Please contact us for details.
■Above is a reference dimension, so please contact us for your product sizes.

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