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The Slitter KKS-702 is a machine used for making slits in various types of sausages, wieners, corndogs, and frankfurters. It is a high-speed machine with a production capacity of up to 1,000 pieces per minute.

Some of the key features of the Slitter KKS-702 include its high capacity and perfect performance, which enables it to process up to 1,000 pieces per minute. It is also designed to be extremely hygienic and ergonomic, making it easy to clean and maintain.
The machine is compact and suitable for small and commercial manufacturers and can be adapted to any work area and transported anywhere. Technical support and full-service assistance are available to ensure that the machine operates smoothly and efficiently.

The Slitter KKS-702 is capable of cutting sausages and other food products into a variety of portions and sizes, with precise slits and cuts. It is a versatile machine that is suitable for a range of applications and is designed to meet the needs of customers with high production needs.
Item Details"Features and specifications"
Name・Model  Slitter KKS-702
Target Ingredients Mini sausages, Wiener, Corndog, Frankfurter
Main Features

■Focus on a cost-efficient and reliable system
Cost-effective solution for high-volume production
■High productivity of up to 1,000 pieces per minute
■Adaptable to any work area and transportable anywhere
■Technical assistance, full service, and support are available
Extremely hygienic and ergonomic design, easy and fast to clean
Can create slits (/////) and (×××) on both sides of the product
■Sausage cutters, such as the KKS-606 and KKS-623W, can simultaneously cut the twisted part and make slits.

Country of Origin Japan
Price Please contact us for details.
Performance・Capacity 60m/per min (approximately 1,000 pcs /per min. with a product length of 6 cm) * Variable series
Power AC100V,60W
Dimension W*400×D*280×H*370mm

Product length: 40mm~
Product diameter: φ12~φ35mm
Dimensions listed for reference only
Contact us for other product sizes
Figures in the table are subject to change due to ongoing R&D
■Product customization available. please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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