Single Sausage Link Cutter KKS-606


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This machine is a well-known single sausage link cutter used for separating string sausage at a high position with fast, hygienic, and precise performance. It is ideal for both large global markets and small-scale operations.

We are proud to be the global market leader and our machine combines precision and speed. The design is specifically made for the precise, fast, and automated separation of twisted parts of sausage products in an industrial setting. It has a space-saving design for single and dual-lineup processing and can be integrated with other equipment for optimized twist parts removal and punching skewer process.

The machine can handle sausages of different lengths, for example, if 5, 6, or 7 cm sausages come in a continuous stream, the machine detects the twisted parts and cuts them. The KKS-606 sausage link cutter has been adopted by all four major ham and sausage manufacturers.
▶Sausage cutters, such as the KKS-606 and KKS-623W, can simultaneously cut the twisted part and make slits.

Item Details "Features and specifications"
Name・Model Single Sausage Link Cutter*KKS-606*
Target Ingredients Mini sausages,Wiener, Corndog, Frankfurter
Main Features

■Intuitive touch panel operation
■Technical help full service and support
■Focus on a cost-efficient and reliable system
■It adapts to any work area and transports anywhere
■High productivity speed of up to 1,300 pcs/per min.
■Programmable speed changes and easy maintenance 
■High-precision & economical portion-single-cutting technology
■It`s high-performance twist removal with single-knife technology
■Hygienic and ergonomic design is suitable for both small and commercial manufacturers.
■Sausage cutters, such as the KKS-606 and KKS-623W, can simultaneously cut the twisted part and make slits.
■The machine features high-performance twist removal with single-knife technology, and the conveyor speed can be easily adjusted.
■The KKS-811 model features high-precision and cost-effective skewering technology, making it suitable for large-scale production.
◆This series of machines are commonly used by major manufacturing industries to produce mini sausages, wieners, corndogs, and frankfurters that are sold in convenience stores across Japan.

Country of Origin Japan
Price Please contact us for details.
Capacity・Quantity 80m/min (Approx. 1,300 pcs/per min. with a product length of 6 cm) * Variable series
Insertion Slot 4cm
Power AC100V,120W,50/60Hz
Power・Air Pressure 0.5MPa
Dimension W*410xD*423xH*482mm
Weight Please contact us for details.
Other ※Product length: 40mm~
※Product diameter: φ12~φ32mm
■Please note that the figures in this table are subject to change due to research improvement.
■We make products according to the wishes of our customers. Please feel free to contact us.
■The dimensions listed above are for reference only, so please contact us to discuss your specific product sizes.

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