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Since 1972, we have been a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of machinery and supplies for meat processors. We serve businesses of all sizes, offering finance deals through our lease-to-own program. Contact your local sales representative for more details.

Since 1982, we have been involved in the development, design, and manufacture of equipment for processing ham and sausage. Our experienced staff has used their know-how to produce machines with unprecedented specifications, such as increased capacity and downsized motors. We have received many positive comments from clients.

In recent years, we have seen a sharp increase in orders from abroad and have aimed to expand our international business and markets with new product development. In July 2012, we spun off our meat machinery manufacturing division as an independent company, Kyoei Engineering Co., Ltd.

We have built and marketed several custom machines to meet the unique requests of clients from all over the world, including major domestic and international manufacturers. Similarly, we continue to meet the unique needs of customers in various international markets.

We are confident in our meticulous design and production processes, which have earned the trust of our clients.

Director and CEO Kichihei Himi

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