Giblet cutter KKS-750

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The Gizzard Cutter KKS-750 is a high-capacity machine designed to cut poultry gizzards into four equal pieces simultaneously. It is suitable for cutting various poultry gizzards, such as chicken, duck, and turkey, into four equal pieces.
Item Details "Features and specifications"
Name・Model Gizzard *Giblet* Cutter*KKS-750*
Target Ingredients chicken, duck, and turkey gizzard 
Main Features ■Focus on a cost-efficient & reliable system
■Compact machine for commercial manufacturers
■It adapts to any work area and transports anywhere
■High-precision & economical portion-cutting technology
■Beautiful appearance, excellent performance & hygienic standards
■This machine cuts gizzards into four equal pieces during the same period
■Extremely hygienic & Ergonomic design, easy & fast to clean & maintain
Country of Origin Japan
Price Please contact us for details.
Power AC100V,50/60Hz
Power・Air Pressure 0.5MPa
Dimension W*750×H*500×D*800mm
Other We will manufacture in your interesting dimension.

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