Automatic Skewer Machine KKS-850

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It is a high-speed, high-capacity automatic skewer machine. The combined power format of air and motor provides high durability, relatively few failures, and excellent recovery in the event of trouble.KKS-850 performs an automated production of grilled meat for yakitori, eggs, meatballs, fishballs, vegetables, sausages, wieners, frankfurters, etc. can be skewered.
Item Details"Features and specifications"
Name・Model Automatic Skewer Machine*KKS-850*
Target ingredients Diced chicken for Yakitori, blocks of Pork or Beef, Meatballs, Fishballs, Tsukune, Sausages, Wieners, Frankfurters, Vegetables, etc.
Main Features

■Focus on a cost-efficient and reliable system
■Technical assistance, full service, and support
■High productivity up to 6,000~17,000 sticks/per hr
■It adapts to any work area and transports anywhere
■Automatic program control and easy to handle and sanitize
■Extremely hygienic & ergonomic design, easy & fast to clean & maintain
■We also offer to Compact skewer suitable for medium-capacity production
■The replaceable tray on the conveyors are designed by the customer's request
■An intuitive touch panel and a convenient memory function can be used to switch between various products
■The attachment can be easily attached and detached, so it is easy to replace when dealing with different products.
■By replacing hopper parts, KKS-850 can handle various types of skewers, such as round skewers, flat skewers, and gun skewers

Country of Origin Japan
Price Please contact us.
Capacity 6,000~17,000 sticks/per hr.
Power AC200V/AC100V,50/60Hz, Single phase
Power・Air Pressure 0.5MPa
Dimension W*2,000×H*1,550×D*900mm
Skewer size Round and flat skewers are available up to 200mm. If you would like a gun skewer, please contact us.

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