High-Speed Rotary Skewer Machine KKS-811

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Applicable with 5 sticks of skewer per second. A high-speed rotary skewer machine for producing food on a type of skewer that is used in the food processing industries with a maximum production of (14000~18000) pieces/per hour. These machine skewers, such as frankfurters and sausages, are automatic and at high speed.
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Name・Model High-Speed Rotary Skewer Machine *KKS-811*
Target Ingredients Frankfurts,

■Technical help full service and support
■Focus on a cost-efficient & reliable system
■It can be skewered into 5 sticks per second
■It adapts to any work area & transports anywhere
■High-precision & economical portion-skewer technology
■Extremely hygienic & ergonomic design, easy & fast to clean & maintain
■We also offer (KKS-606 and KKS-623W), which are used to cut the sausage links and slit to become a consistent line.

Country of Origin Japan
Price Please contact us.
Capacity High-capacity type ~18,000 sticks/per hour, Standard-type ~14,000 sticks/per hour
Power AC200V/AC100V,50/60Hz, Single phase
Power・Air Pressure 0.6MPa
Dimension W*1,960×H*1,485×D*850mm

※Product length: 120mm~200 mm
※Product diameter.: φ18mm~φ31mm
■Rotors for round skewers are available in (φ5.0.φ6.0 mm). Generally, only one type is delivered.
■When using round skewers of different diameters, a special rotor & assembly work is required separately.
■For different lengths, there is no need to prepare them separately. And the range is from 100mm~200mm.

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