Compact Skewer KKS-860

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It is a semi-portable skewer machine that was maximum efficiency in the smallest space. It is used for skewering various ingredients, such as yakitori, seafood, fried satsuma, Tsukune, and boiled eggs, in food factories, small workshops, restaurants, and other factories. This is a compact skewer machine that performs a range of skewers. Through made-to-order production, we design and propose machines for customer requirements, such as the selection of skewers and the shape of the tray according to the ingredients. Since it is compact and uses a drive for air, it can be used anywhere in the facility, so it can be used wherever the water is splashed. It is recommended when producing a wide variety of products in small lots.

Item Details "Features and specifications"
Name・Model Compact skewer KKS-860
Target Ingredients Diced chicken for Yakitori, blocks of Pork or beef, Meatballs, Tsukune, Sausages, Wieners, Frankfurters, Vegetables, etc.
Main Features

■Focus on a cost-efficient and reliable system
■Technical assistance, full service, and support
■Model KKS-850 is also available for the mass production of ingredients
■Extremely hygienic & ergonomic design, easy & fast to clean & maintain
■It can be used for various types of skewers, such as round, flat, and gun skewers
■Simple operation, it can be a high-speed skewer of five sticks in the same period
■Design and manufacturing are possible to the size and required processing of the product
■High productivity of up to 3,600 sticks/per hr【If ingredients are on multiple food trays, one operator can be skewered ingredients 】

Country of Origin Japan
Price Please contact us.
Capacity 3,600 sticks/per hr (If ingredients are on multiple food trays, one operator can be skewered the 3600 pieces per hr)
Power AC100V,50/60Hz
Power・Air Pressure 0.5MPa
Dimension  W*330×H*370×D*650mm

Skewer size・shape

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