Giblet Cutter KKS-750

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Gizzard cutter KKS-750 is a high-capacity machine designed to cut gizzards into 4 equal pieces during the same period. It is suitable for Poultry gizzards, including chicken, duck, turkey, etc.
Item Details "Features and specifications"
Name・Model Gizzard *Giblet* Cutter*KKS-750*
Main Features ■Focus on a cost-efficient & reliable system
■Compact machine for commercial manufacturers
■It adapts to any work area and transports anywhere
■High-precision & economical portion-cutting technology
■Beautiful appearance, excellent performance & hygienic standards
■This machine cuts gizzards into four equal pieces during the same period
■Extremely hygienic & Ergonomic design, easy & fast to clean & maintain
Country of Origin Japan
Price Please contact us for details.
Power AC100V,50/60Hz
Power・Air Pressure 0.5MPa
Dimension W*750×H*500×D*800mm
Other We will manufacture in your interesting dimension.

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