Dice Cutter KKS-760

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 Dice Cutter KKS-760 is used for cutting different types of Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, and mutton into dice, shreds, strips and various shapes.
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 Name・Model  Dice Cutter*KKS-760*
Main Features ■Focus on a cost-efficient and reliable system
■Technical assistance, full service, and support
■It adapts to any work area and transports anywhere
■Compact machines for commercial manufacturers
■Extremely hygienic, ergonomic design. Easy and fast to clean, maintain
Country of Origin Japan
Price Please contact us.
Power AC100-115V,50/60Hz,1A
Power・Air Pressure 0.5MPa
Dimension  W*1,000×H*700×D*300mm
Material ■Body cover: SUS304
■resin parts: Polyacetal
Weight Approx. 50 kg
Other ■Please note that frozen products cannot be cut.
■Please let us know your interest in ingredients and dimensions.

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